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As good as new. ideal for studying previuos yrs papers of jee advanced with good solutions. says :-
The strategy of IIT JEE aspirants to conquer the IIT JEE exam is divided into several steps with the last step being taking on the IIT JEE solved papers. Yes, there is a grand role of iit jee previous year question papers even though you have solved all the numerical questions given in HC Verma and you’re thorough with the concepts. The right mindset on the exam day is very important and you have to keep in mind that you do not face an enemy about whom you have no idea. This is why acquaintance with the environment is necessary, acquaintance with the IIT JEE exam paper is necessary, acquaintance with the IIT JEE questions that have already been asked is necessary. How you’re going to get familiar with all of them? Through iit jee advanced previous year question papers with solutions; now you must ask why solutions? It is because even though you know the solution of a question, solution provided in the paper booklet will help you to determine that you are on the correct track. Here in this listing, the bookseller is offering you IIT JEE physics previous years solved papers at a discount of 42%, but’s used bookstore is full of iit jee solved papers available at grand discount. Even the solved papers of the last 36 years are available on sale for you. I also believe that doing the solved papers in the end may be challenging as you may not get the time, so, my personal preference is to get IIT JEE chapterwise questions paper because once, you have finished a particular chapter, let’s say, Newtons Laws of Motion then you can quickly do its previous year IIT jee questions and get an edge over others when it comes to this particular chapter. What do you think?

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