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As good as new. ideal for studying previuos yrs papers of jee advanced with good solutions. says :-
IITJEE maths section is challenging. A lot of students find it more challenging than physics and chemistry. You can prepare for chemistry by carefully reading the NCERT book as 15% of the chemistry section in IITJEE mains comes directly from the NCERT book. Also, to prepare for physics you need to read the NCERT book first as you will find a few questions in the paper from the physics NCERT textbook. But this is not the case in maths. Cracking IIT JEE math paper with flying colors requires practice, a lot of practice, the practice of more than 10000 questions of varying difficulty levels. NCERT math textbook of class 11 and class 12 is the first step towards a good preparation for IIT JEE mains exam, after which you should solve the IITJEE study material of a good institute like Aakash, Rao, Resonance, or FIITJEE. You must finish these 2 steps - 1) NCERT textbook 2) IITJEE Study material of math as early as possible because the third step is important and you need to start it asap. The third step requires you to solve IIT JEE mathematics question papers of previous years diligently. Solving IIT JEE maths questions of previous years does almost 70% of the work involved in preparing for IIT JEE maths. Completing the IIT JEE math syllabus from NCERT textbook and study material will not get you a good AIR. You should use a big proportion of your preparation time in solving IIT math questions from the papers as you will know the level of your preparation. You will come to know which topics you should focus on more and which topics you should least pay attention to. You will also realize what type of questions are asked and most importantly you will learn time management. Try writing the IIT JEE sample paper within the specified time because that will give you the feel of the examination day. As a result, you will be less nervous on the day of the exam. Also, the different levels of questions that you will solve while doing the IIT JEE solved papers will up your game. It will give you an edge over those candidates who don’t understand the importance of solving IIT JEE solved papers. In the preparation of IIT JEE math, you should adopt the same strategy for chemistry and physics. If you want to buy the IIT JEE maths paper book of the past 14 years or even 37 years then you can get them easily at a good discount from, your own online used bookstore.

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