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As good as new. ideal for studying previuos yrs papers of jee advanced with good solutions. says :-
The toughest IIT JEE chemistry paper came in the year 2018. Students sweated after seeing the level of questions in the JEE advanced chemistry paper of 2018 and later this chemistry paper was concluded as the toughest paper in the history of JEE advanced. The organic chemistry section threw a few unexpected questions to the students. A lot of reagents in the organic chemistry paper were new and students told that they had to derive many of the reagents from the inorganic chemistry. The physical chemistry section of the 2018 paper was tougher than usual too. So, during your JEE preparation, especially of the chemistry section, make sure to solve the JEE advanced chemistry question paper of 2018 to get familiar with some of the toughest JEE advanced questions. This is one of the reasons why it is necessary to go through the old IIT JEE chemistry solved question papers. By going through the IIT JEE chemistry previous question papers you know many things. You know the exam pattern, you also come to know the weightage of physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry questions in the JEE chemistry paper and many more insights. I highly recommend that you do not go to write JEE mains and JEE advanced papers unless you have solved the IIT JEE chemistry previous year question papers of at least 14 years twice. Most students face the question of where to find the IIT JEE chemistry previous year question papers at a low price. As, it is easier and cheaper to get the JEE previous year question papers of all the 3 subjects combined but when you are looking for the previous question papers of individual subjects - chemistry, physics and mathematics - then the task gets a little tougher. Also, when you have spent money on buying IIT JEE solved papers of previous years then you won"t like to spend that much money on papers of individual subjects. This is where comes to address your problem. You can buy IIT JEE chemistry chapter-wise papers, IIT JEE chemistry solved question papers, unsolved papers and you can buy even previous 37 years question papers at a low price from the used bookstore of bx-zone. Believe me, you will save a lot of money. Saving money on papers/study material/books will give you a positive vibe that will reduce the expenditure of your hard earned money on IIT JEE preparation by a little amount. I am sure this in turn will help you be more focused in preparation.

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