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Book is in very good condition. It contains 12 years solved papers from 2003-2014. says :-
“What is NEET exam father? I want to be a doctor.” – A 7 years old kid asked his father. The father chuckled at this question, and replied, “Son, you also gave the answer to your question.” He said, “It’s a test that you need to pass in order to get admission in a government or private institution which gives you knowledge about medicines and human body. By knowing all this, you get the ability to heal by prescribing medicines.” The son said,” Father, I understood it’s a test but I didn’t understand a lot of what you said later. But, what is NEET for?” The father gave a grin and said,” Son, It’s a test you need to pass in order to be a doctor. You can be dentist by taking admission in BDS course or a physician by enrolling in an MBBS course. The physician is Mr Nayyar who we went to when you caught cold.” The son said, ”I want to be MBBS because Mr Nayyar is so cool. He gives me 2 chocolates every time I visit him.” Well, the son has decided to be an MBBS and he is very much interested in writing and clearing the National eligibility cum entrance test (NEET) and I am sure your interests is also the same. I am sure you also know what NEET examination is and perhaps, you have got more information about it by reading the father-son conversation above. I also want to add that not only for MBBS and BDS course but you can also apply for BAMS, BHMS and BUMS courses too. Also, NEET was previously conducted as AIPMT exam and it’s one of the youngest pre-medical examinations. It requires a lot of study and hard work in Physics, Chemistry and Biology, reading the best NEET study material, practicing 20 years NEET solved papers. With consistency, you can surely crack this exam. Also, you must know that NEET books do not come cheap hence, you must go for second hand books for NEET because that way you can save a lot of money. You can find second hand NEET books in the used bookstore of bx-zone. Likewise, a lot of listings in the online bookstore of bx-zone are providing you solved NEET question papers at deep discount just like this one available for you at a discount of 25%.

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