Data structures using c and c++

Author : Tenenbaum
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Second edition. In good condition. Pick up from Banerghatta Main road, Bangalore . says :-
In 10 out of 10 interviews for computer majors the interviewers ask questions on data structures. Thus, before going to any technical interview make sure you have gone through a lot of data structure interview questions. However, I won’t recommend you to jump on the data structure interview questions directly. Rather, the best thing will be to understand the data structures from their core. You must prepare data structures so thoroughly that you are able to answer any question related to them even if someone asks you after waking you up. In some interviews, they ask you to code them so make sure you also practice data structures programs and examples. Now the question comes ‘where should I study data structures from?’ So, you will find many websites from which you can choose a data structures tutorial but make sure it is not shallow in content. But if you want to save yourself from the hassle of choosing a good data structures tutorial then I recommend you a book that will not only save you the trouble of overloaded information but will also train you to face any technical interviews when it comes data structures. Data structures using c and c++ by Aaron Tenenbaum is the best book for data structures. To read the Tenenbaum data structures, you need a background with C language otherwise you might find it difficult to study. While most of the undergraduates of computer major know C, and if you are one of the then Tenenbaum data structures using C is the best book on data structures for you. C is a procedural language perfectly suitable to build data structures and that is why learning data structures using C will help you understand them properly. In other languages like Java, using data structures like linked list, stacks and queues become so easy as there are so many libraries which make their implementation easy. This book Data structures using c and c++ available at a discount of 84% in the used bookstore of bx-zone is clear in its explanations. Even if you are a first year student or a final student, this book will teach you data structures properly, that implies it is good for beginners. The book also explains assembly code to explain you a few data types in depth and basics of C language. Then it brings up the topic of data structures so it becomes like learning them step by step. To summarize, it’s a great book and even if you are an experienced computer science professional and want to brush up the concepts of data structures you should get your hands on it.

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