The Red Sari

Author : Javier Moro
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Bengaluru Biography
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In the year 1965, Sonia Maino, a 19-year-old Italian student met a young Indian boy, Rajiv Gandhi, w. says :-
You can say that ‘The Red Sari’ is the biography of Sonia Gandhi born from the eyes of a neutral person, who is a Spanish author - Javier Moro - famous for his book ‘Five Past midnight in Bhopal’. The Red Sari tells you the real story of a 19 years old girl who fell into love with a boy belonging to the most powerful and noble family of India –Rajiv Gandhi, while he studied in Cambridge university. It also tells her rise to prominence and her refusal to become the Prime minister of India so that Manmohan Singh (the ex-primeminister of India) can swear an oath. Javier Moro has left no stones unturned in investigating and putting out various facts in ‘The red sari’ such as the family background of Sonia Gandhi, that she was the middle daughter of a strict father, who took on the universe of politics with her exceptional acumen, and dedication to secure a place in the hearts of millions of Indians. The book also narrates various events of the recent Indian history like emergency, operation Bluestar, the elections etc and intertwining the changing life of the family as well as their obedient daughter-in-law .The red sari book review is 4 stars on average and it was loved by many readers who attributed the credit to the neutral perspective portrayed in the book as well as to various facts which were previously unknown. It is available at a discount of -255% in the used bookstore of bx-zone. To buy it hit the ‘contact owner’ button now.

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