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Must have book for maths iit jee Contains solved previous papers. says :-
I want to share a recent matter related to IIT JEE exam. A couple of years ago, I was sitting in a friend’s house when his upset nephew entered into the room. His face was spilling sadness and thus, my friend asked him the reason behind. To this the nephew answered – “Uncle, it was another day of my fiit jee test result and my score didn’t move up. My numbers dropped from what I scored in the last test.” He was actually talking about the fiit jee mock test for jee mains which get conducted after the completion of every topic. He continued –“Maths is where I always get less marks and believe me, I study from some of the best books for jee advanced maths. It is really discouraging. If this continues and my marks keep dropping in the fiit jee main test series, how will I clear the jee mains exam? And somehow I happen to clear it then don’t know what will happen in the iit jee advanced paper?” My friend consoled the lamenting guy and told him – “The only thing standing between you and these fiit jee tests is practice. Have you practiced enough questions?” The nephew said –“I have done enough.” My friend questioned further –“Have you solved the IIT JEE previous year question papers? May be that’s where the answer lies. We once prepared everything from the textbook and the exam paper asked some different questions altogether. We later found out that those questions came from the previous years question papers.” The nephew said – “I take your advice. I believe I should look into IIT JEE previous papers, start solving them diligently.” The story unfolded pretty much in favour of my friend’s nephew. He started solving the papers and it worked like a charm, he started scoring more in all the fiit jee mock tests of jee and cracked both the exams in the subsequent year. The reason behind telling you this story is that jee previous year question papers do play an important role. They are like salt in a dish, without salt no spicy dish will taste nice. If you want to buy iit jee papers of last 20 years then all you have to do is hit the contact owner button.

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