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Previous iit question papers solved must have for iit jee. says :-
A big proportion of the success in the IIT JEE question paper that you will write in future depends on the solved IIT JEE papers of previous years. Only by solving the solved papers you know the IIT JEE question paper pattern. If you don’t do the previous year papers of IIT JEE and only study NCERT to clear concepts, IIT JEE study material, solve numerical problems then it will be like playing your first international cricket match with season ball when you have just practiced with Tennis balls in the nets. The importance of JEE past year papers is known only to those who are serious about cracking JEE mains and JEE advanced exams. In fact, one of my friends was so serious about solving them that first he did the IIT JEE previous year papers with solutions of 10 years then he would sit every day in a room on a bench and a chair with the IIT JEE paper of any one year. His mother or father would act as the invigilator and he would solve that paper timing the clock for the IIT JEE exam duration. This style of preparation not only made him familiar with the JEE exam pattern but also gave him the confidence that he would not feel stressed or strange on the exam day. This technique worked in his favor and he cracked the IIT JEE exam. He told me that this strategy made him aware of his preparation on several parameters. Well, I remember a few so I would write them for you here. Number 1 is Awareness of Marks distribution – He got to know how the marks are divided among topics. Obviously, it helps you to know on which topics you need to pay maximum attention. Number 2 is Awareness of Strong and weak points – He got to know in which topics he needed to work harder and which all topics he was the best at. This made him develop some strength in the weak areas. Number 3 is speed assessment - On the exam day, if your momentum falters then you will not be happy after the end bell rings .The time division among the questions of higher-weightage and lower-weightage topics must be the key strategy on the exam day. My friend got aware of his time distribution strengths and weakness after he solved a good chunk of papers .Solving previous year papers is thus important and if you need solved IIT JEE papers of previous years at a low price then the used bookstore of is what you want to browse. You will find IIT JEE mains previous year papers as well as IIT JEE advanced previous year papers at a low price in the used bookstore. If you are looking to buy the previous year question papers of JEE subject wise then bx-zone has that too for you. This listing from Hyderabad is offering you arihant previous iit jee solved papers on sale at a discount of 41%. That’s a good price for brand new solved papers of IIT JEE of 38 years.

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