Understanding physics for IIT jee

Author : Dc Pandey
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Howrah Educational
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Book is in good condition. It consists of 5 books. You can also contact me regarding other books for iit jee. .

bx-zone.com says :-
Understanding physics by DC Pandey is one of the books which will teach you theory as well as ask relevant questions from you. If your preparation is already above average and you are looking to solve more questions to make your preparation more robust then I would recommend you to buy some other book different than this. However, if you have just begun your JEE preparation and are looking for those few books which you can rely upon then Understanding physics for IIT jee is my recommendation to you. Also, if you’re a future doctor and beginning your preparation for aiims or neet then I would suggest for physics preparation, specifically, pick this book. Understanding physics concepts is very important in order to crack the physics section in both AIIMS paper as well as JEE exam and therefore, choosing the right book is important. DC Pandey’s physics books have always been in the right book category since ages and you can blindly trust them. In addition to it, if you have planned to include HC Verma physics for class 11 and class 12 in your study plan of IIT JEE preparation or preparation for neet exam and if you finish them a couple of time, I don’t think no one can then stop you from clearing the exam you’re aiming for. Now, if you’re reading this short blog for the first time then you may be wondering ‘I want to buy this book but where the booksellers near me who can sell me this book?’ The answer is right here in this book listing, all you have to do is hit the contact owner button above and this bookseller will contact you to sell the book at a discount of 66%.

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amitcool4481@gmail.com Hi how can I get these books from you? I live in patna Bihar