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Forty eight books(twenty four first year + twenty four second year) if u study this book properly you will hundred percent get iit at very high discount of fifty percent.

bx-zone.com says :-
Students at the beginning of their IIT JEE preparation have many questions and doubts. One of the questions that comes across is how to separate the preparation of IIT JEE from the preparation of board exams. While students who are passionate about cracking the IIT JEE exam can’t afford to lose on the class 12 board exam as horrible grades in class 12th may lead to some serious trouble in future. In IITs and IIMs during the campus placement week, your eligibility to sit in the interviews of any company is decided by your overall profile. Class 12 grades do form an integral part of your profile. So, not having a good percentage in class 12 may push towards the end of the week with you missing on several good companies. Coming back to the question of how to do the preparation for board exams along with the preparation for IIT JEE exam you should adapt the 1:4 approach. This approach is adapted by many IIT toppers and the results have been awesome. What is this 1:4 approach? On every day of your academic years of class 11th and class 12th, you have to dedicate 1 hour to the preparation for the board exams and 4 hours to the preparation of IIT JEE exam. I am talking about a normal day here when you have school as well as coaching to attend, you can double the number of hours on a Sunday or any holiday. If you follow this approach with discipline then you will end up scoring above 85% in class 12 board exams and the JEE mains exam will also clear with ease. I recommend all JEE aspirants to first begin from the NCERT textbooks of class 11 and class 12 because many questions asked in the JEE mains exam are based on the concepts described in the NCERT books. In fact, if you check the inorganic chemistry questions of any previous year question papers of JEE mains then out of 7 you will find 6 questions asked directly from the NCERT chemistry textbook. When you join any coaching institute, the faculty members give less emphasis on reading the NCERT book than going through their study material and mock tests but not including NCERT textbooks to complete the IIT JEE mains syllabus can prove detrimental to both the preparation of board exams and the IIT JEE preparation. Another tip is that 1 month and a half before the board exams if you have time then it is better to join another coaching only for class 12th. Many teachers are there who have the capability of completing the class 12th syllabus within a month. This will be a crash course, its agenda will to be clear all your doubts and help you revise before you write your first paper of class 12 exam. To summarize, follow the 1:4 approach, steal some time out of your IIT JEE preparation schedule to read NCERT textbooks and join a coaching institute a month before the board exams. If you need second hand books for IIT JEE preparation or NCERT textbooks then bx-zone.com has them for you at a big-big discount.

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