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When we talk about the top IIT JEE institutes in India, resonance institute comes in the top 3. The success graph of resonance institute has been on rise since 2002. In 2002, 161 students got selected in IIT JEE exam. 7 years later, the number increased 7 times to 612. In the year 2017, the number of students selected in JEE advanced exam spiked to 4095. The figure of 2019 gives the number of selected students in JEE advanced exam to be 3473. In fact, resonance produced highest number of selections in the JEE advanced exam for 4 continuous years from 2013 to 2016. By considering these numbers you can say that resonance institute is one of the top 3 IIT JEE institutes in India. The success of the resonance institute Kota is attributed to its study material. The study material of resonance is carefully designed to prepare the JEE aspirants better than their competitors. Resonance study material for IIT JEE provides sheets, handouts and DPPs. The full form of DPP is daily practice problems. DPPs help you with revision of the topics which you have already studied and solved questions of. They are a mix of JEE mains level questions, basic questions and intermediate questions. They contains questions from more than one chapter. The handouts in the resonance study material are provided after the completion of a chapter along with DPPs. The handouts are a great help to the JEE aspirants as they provide with the formulae, chemical reactions, reaction mechanisms that students have to memorize. Handouts eliminate the need of writing formulae and other information, which need to be memorized, in the IIT JEE notes. The faculty of resonance don’t teach handouts, rather they need to be studied by the students themselves. Now, we come to the most important part of the study material of resonance institute – sheets. The sheets are distributed after the completion of a chapter. It is divided into 4 exercises. Exercise 1 challenges you with basic questions related to the chapter. These questions prepare you for JEE mains and other exams like BITSAT. The sheets also contain little theory pertaining to the chapter. If you have read the theory provided in the sheet and your concepts from NCERT textbooks of class 12 and class 11 are clear then you will solve the MCQs and subjective questions provided in exercise 1 faster than the others. Exercise 2 provides you tougher questions. Exercise 2 questions will prepare you for JEE advanced as well as for a tougher version of JEE mains. Exercise 3 provides you with previous year questions of JEE mains. Not only this, but there are previous year questions of JEE advanced in exercise 3. It is like solving previous year IIT questions chapterwise. Exercise 4 is for high level problems (HLP) which you should practice only if you have spare time. The HLP questions are of more advanced level than the JEE advanced questions. The idea behind them is to help you go for a bigger target in order to build confidence. Through its study material, resonance prepares you for JEE mains and JEE advanced exams much better than others. Resonance IIT JEE books take care of your JEE preparation from theory to solving questions of different difficulty levels, from solving previous year questions to revision using DPPs to memorization of important stuff using handouts. If you are interested to buy resonance books for JEE/ study material at a discount then hit the ‘contact owner’ button above.

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