The immortals of MELUHA

Author : Amish
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. says :-
66% is a very smashing one for a book like The immortals of MELUHA which is the first book in the Shiva Trilogy series authored by Amish Tripathi. The immortals of Meluha which is also the first book written by Amish has 390 pages in total for its readers to read with a goodreads rating of 4.1/5. If you’re a first timer and are keen on forming the reading habit then you can surely pick this book up. In this book, Lord Shiva has been penned down as a common many in a story which goes back 4000 years. The gods and goddesses around Lord Shiva such as Sati, Nandi and Daksha are also depicted in this novel as the family members of Shiva. It’s the genius of the author which brings in such an out of the box idea of telling the story of the transformation of a common man to a Lord Mahadev because of his good deeds. Once, you read this novel, you’ll come to know that the title does complete justice to the content of the book. The book will make you want to grab your hands on the next two parts as well, which are ‘The secret of the Nagas’ and ‘The Oath of the Vayuputras’. Amish’s fantastic ‘The Shiva trilogy’ series is based on the idea that it’s the good work a common person which makes him/her as god/goddess. This does send a strong message to the society, doesn’t it?

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