Complete physics for cambridge IGCSE

Author : Stephen Pople
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This book provides clear material for the IGCSE examination and also a CD . says :-
The curriculum is very important in education. Curriculum is the representation of the plan that an institution has designed to achieve its goal. The ultimate goal of an educational institution is to provide quality education and with a curriculum like Cambridge IGCSE, quality education is already being imparted to students studying in schools affiliated to Cambridge IGCSE. The main language of Cambridge is English and schools in over 70 countries are affiliated to it. In India, where most of the quality schools are affiliated to either NCERT or their respective state boards, the scarcity of IGCSE affiliated books leads to another scarcity which is the second hand Cambridge IGCSE books are not available but readily but on, the students can get their hands on cheap books of IGCSE like Complete physics for cambridge IGCSE which is available at 50%.

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