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Engineering entrance exam package enough to crack any competition from JEE advanced to UPTU. Additional test papers included. says :-
Few days ago, I was reading on the internet the pain points of a student who is studying in FIITJEE. He complained of scoring low in the FIITJEE phase test consistently. He wrote that he couldn’t get past 140 out of 360. That was highly frustrating for him. He felt really disappointed and afraid on the day of the FIITJEE internal test results. Well, if it helps then let me tell you that he is not the only person disappointed. There are many students like him who are unable to score good in FIITJEE phase test. When this happens then all things start going downhill. You feel as if you are unable to bear the pressure because with every passing day more topics are taught and the practice sheets start bundling up. Finishing the FIITJEE study material then seems like a far cry. Let me help you get out of this situation if you are facing it. And the steps I am sharing here can also be applied if you are wondering of how to score good marks in JEE mains. First of all, you need a break from the chaos which got created in your mind. Take day’s break, don’t look at your study table. I will suggest go for a run. Running in such troubling times does help. Now, when you are settled it’s time to practice. Go through your IIT JEE notes for the next topic which is going to come in the test. For a while leave the old topics, currently you need confidence so focus all your energies on the topic which is going to be asked in the FIITJEE phase test. Study the notes thoroughly and make sure you finish the FIITJEE study material of the topic. In fact, work so hard that you do all the IIT level questions of that topic at least twice. Even if you have to work for 14 hours a day to complete all the questions of that topic, don’t shy away. You also have to ensure that all your doubts are clear before the next test. Listing down all the steps again for your convenience – 1. Take a break, 2. Attend the lecture of the next topic with open eyes and ears, 3. Make notes, and study them on the same day, 4. Solve the topic questions from the FIITJEE study material for IIT at least twice, 5. Relax and take a deep breath. Believe me your score will cross well above 140 this time. You are looking at a 100% improvement in your test score. I need you to follow these steps without fear thinking that you are at the bottom now and the only way you are going next is up. Let me know how it worked for you in the comments here. Also, if you want to buy FIITJEE study material at low price then there are a lot of books and study material on sale at deep discounts in the online used bookstore of bx-zone.

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