Author : Shivaji sawant
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A must read book of Karna in Marathi... says :-
When you’re looking for Mrityunjay book in Marathi then this listing is going to make it available to you at a smashing discount of 47%.Well to be frank, Mritunjay is a master piece, one of the best Shivaji Sawant books which demonstrates Mahabharata from one of the most popular, strongest, and big hearted, beneficent personality Karna who was killed on the 17th day of the Great Kurukshetra war. Had there been no Krishna with Arjuna it was next to impossible to defeat this warrior Karna. Shivaji Sawant received Moorthi award for writing Mrityunjay book series. Every page you flip of this book will make you feel moved because you would get to know Karna, what troubles he had to go through, what would he go through when he was called the ‘Sutputra’, when he knew the truth that he was abandoned as a new born, what morals he possessed which didn’t let him lean towards the Pandavas. Even if you remotely know Mahabharata then such questions would always prevail in your mind. There are multiple units in the Mrityunjay book series, in all there are 9 units, so in the next few you’ll see Mahabharata through the eyes of Kunti, Duryadhona, Karna’s Brother ,his wife and last but not the least from the eyes of the greatest lord Krishna himself. When a friend of mine recommended me this book I straight away asked him what’s the Mrityunjay book review? He told me to check on the internet myself. I checked the goodreads rating and was astonished to see it as 4.5/5 which made me very anxious to get my hands on this great book in order to see the great Mahabharata story through the eyes of ‘Karna’. Buy this autobiography of Karna today only from the

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