The Lowland

Author : Jhumpa Lahiri
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An excellent book, sheer class and award winning author makes me grab the next person I see & say "Read this". says :-
Jhumpa Lahiri is an renowned name in the world of author and sea of fiction books. She is an American author of Indian descent and is a Pulitzer prize winner for her work ‘Interpreter of Maladies’ which is a collection of short stories. The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri is one of the most underrated fiction books with the goodreads rating of 3.8/5 .The Lowland brings upfront several relationships and the twists which happen in them due to inevitable circumstances. It is a story of two brothers drifted apart by their ambitions, with one becoming a rebel and other a professor in America. The book in its second half focuses on the relationship between a father and his step daughter, a husband and his brother’s wife who eventually becomes his own wife. In other words, ‘The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri’ is a classic drama featuring family relationships, the best feature of this book is however, the writing of the characters and the way they are carried throughout the novel. Its style of writing proves why Jumpa Lahiri got the Pulitzer prize.’ The Lowland’ was a commercial success and received mainly positive reviews from the book critics but I expect that its audience rating should have been more. Well, if you’re impressed by my words written over here then grab this novel at a discount of 60% from Also, if you’re making a list of 100 best fiction books of all time then add ‘The Lowland’ for sure to your list.

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