Sachin Tendulkar- Playing it my way My Autobiography

Author : Sachin Tendulkar and Boris Maj
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It's a hardcopy version of Sachin Tendulkar's Autobiography.. says :-
Sachin Tendulkar also known as the ‘God of cricket" didn"t have a comfortable journey to the top. He had to do a lot of hard work at first to secure his position in the Indian cricket team. When he shone, lot of criticism came his way and despite all odds he kept shining breaking all the records and creating new ones. Sachin Tendulkar is really the reason of many young people taking Cricket as their career choice. Even if you asked some current outstanding players of Cricket, most of them would tell ‘The great Sachin Tendulkar" as their Inspiration but like I said, so many records, such fame, such success all have come at a cost, out of perseverance, out of extreme passion for Cricket, for the nation. If you want to read about Sachin"s journey then Sachin Tendulkar- Playing it my way My Autobiography is the best book because it"s an autobiography i.e. Sachin"s journey to the top in his own words. Playing it my way is written by Boria Majumdar, who has described the life span of Sachin right when he first held the bat in his hand to the time when he gave his farewell speech.Playing it my way book describes the life of Sachin Tendulkar chronologically. In this Sachin Tendulkar autobiography, you will read about his moments in Ranji Trophy, the bouncer by Waqar Younis in Sachin"s first test series, the maiden century, Sachin"s thoughts on Shane Warne, the world"s first 200 by an individual, the sixes and India"s victories. Even an ardent Sachin fan has known the downs in the life of this demigod but reading about the loss of his father in his own words, India losing during his captaincy and his emotions after every major game loss touches the heart of the reader. When you read the book review of Playing it my way, you find many readers criticizing that the book didn"t connect with its readers. In its defense, I would say that Sachin Tendulkar has always been a better human. He hasn"t courted controversy ever in his life, so, in the book he has not been very vocal in his criticism instead he has chosen to being neutral towards every negative situation, even the jibes thrown at him by media and critics when he failed to score. This doesn"t add masala to the book because of which many readers don"t find it entertaining. But I have been a Sachin fan throughout my life and I would definitely recommend you to buy it. You can easily afford it because especially on, this book is available at a stunning discount of 66%. And, in case you"re one of those book readers who get inspired by reading biographies then brings you at excellent discounts biography of Elon Musk and Shoe Dog the book of Nike Founder Phil Knight.

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