USMle books- first aid in organ systems, general principles, cases and Q &A

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Usmle books, first aid 4 books. very good condition . Third edition. . says :-
The USMLE full form is United States Medical Licensing Examination. I feel respect for the grit of the candidates who appear in the USMLE exam. The reason is that I have found it as the most exhaustive medical examination. The USMLE step 1 exam duration is 8 hours which means rhetorically, it is a one-day medical exam. The USMLE exam step1 is divided into 7 sections of 1 hour each. Each section has got maximum 40 questions followed by a personal break. Basically, the total allotted break is 45 minutes. In fact, if you have completed a section before time then the time left is added to your personal breaks. Overall, there are 280 questions asked in the USMLE step 1 exam. The exam is fully computer based. But what is USMLE exam? Why it is conducted? As the name suggests, to obtain the licensure to practice in the US this exam is conducted. The graduates from the International medical school who aspire to practice medicine in the US also have to write the USMLE step1 exam. The USMLE exam questions test your ability to apply the principles and concepts of the foundational science in the practice of medicine. The USMLE exam eligibility makes it mandatory that a candidate should be enrolled in a US or Canadian medical school. To get the license of practicing in the US, a student of the medical school takes the USMLE exam in the second year. The candidate should be aware of all the general principles related to health, types of therapy, diseases etc. With good preparation and the knowledge you can surely clear the USMLE step 1 exam. brings you the USMLE first aid books for you at a second hand price of Rs 2500. They are really expensive when you want to buy them brand new but on bx-zone you can get them at some crazy discounts.

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