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Author : DC pandey
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It is helpful for IIT aspirants... It is for chemistry.

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Students who get good AIRs in the JEE mains exam are smarter than others in taking advantage of the IIT JEE chemistry section. The IIT JEE chemistry is divided into 3 sections further which are – Physical chemistry, Inorganic chemistry and Organic Chemistry. To score well in Physical chemistry and Inorganic chemistry module you need to remember stuff. Memorization is a key skill and comes to good use in inorganic chemistry. You must memorize the periodic table, the properties of elements as well as chemical bonding. Then study the block elements - especially S, P, and D block elements – thoroughly. Make sure you cover the NCERT textbook in the first place as a few IIT JEE chemistry questions are asked directly from the NCERT textbook. In the IIT JEE physical chemistry section, you will have to master theory as well as numerical problems. But never ever ignore the theory portion in physical chemistry otherwise in addition to not answering a few easy questions, you may not be able to solve a few numerical problems too. Now comes the trickiest section of chemistry – Organic chemistry. This section contains intriguing topics of the IIT JEE chemistry syllabus. This part requires a little bit of memorization but a lot of practice. Before you start preparing for IIT JEE organic chemistry bring a notebook and label it as IIT JEE organic chemistry notes. In that notebook, you are going to write every basic chemistry equation, chemical reactions and reaction mechanisms. I recommend you to write those reactions which act as the building blocks of higher level reactions. Focusing on and building the basics is the key to crack the IIT JEE organic chemistry section with flying colors. When the basics of reaction mechanisms and chemical reactions are strong then with consistent practice you can score better than others in this section which will drastically boost your AIR. Let me also tell you which IIT JEE chemistry books you can refer to. Physical chemistry by O.P. Tandon, Numerical Chemistry by P.Bahadur, numerical problems N.Avasthi are a few IIT JEE physical chemistry books which you can refer to strengthen your preparation. New Pattern chemistry by R.K. Gupta focuses on advanced problems of all the three sections. For organic chemistry, you can refer to Himanshu Pandey, M.S.Chauhan or Akshay Chaudhary. For inorganic chemistry, NCERT textbook is sufficient. If you have enrolled in an IIT JEE coaching institute then I recommend you to not miss any of the IIT JEE chemistry lectures. Students who skip chemistry lectures just to focus on physics and mathematics end up failing in the JEE mains exam. Also, IIT jee chemistry by DC Pandey is another best book for IIT JEE chemistry that you can have on your study table. Bx-zone.com has got most of these IIT JEE chemistry books and study material in its used bookstore at some fabulous discounts so that, you can save lot of money of them, as they are very expensive when bought brand new.

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