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When you have to sell used books in India

What if you open your closet & find many used books accumulating dust?

Would you keep let those books stay in? Or, would you prefer to sell those 2nd hand books & earn money from them?

If you stick to the later then a question will come in your mind, ‘where to sell used books?’ The best answer is

A web app for selling books where you list your unused, used, second hand, old books for sale so that another bx-zone user living in your city buys them from you.

Whether it’s a non-fiction book or a famous novel, whether it’s your old NCERT history books, or math textbooks of class 12, used college books or JEE Mains books or simply second hand medical books, provides you the best way to sell used books.

When you have to buy books online in India cheaply

Students get requirements of books at the beginning of the academic year.

If they are preparing for any competitive examination then the need of a particular book can arise anytime in the year again comes to your service because it behaves like a books store nearby from which you can buy used books online from a person living around you.

Visit its used books store and you’ll find the books of almost every genre, every competitive examination and of all grades listed at huge discounts.

Online book buyers have been finding very convenient to use, as it is very easy to buy the books you need.

Just find your book in the used books store, open its profile page and press the ‘contact owner’ button to express interest.

Meet the user in person at the book’s pick up point, collect your books & pay him/her then and there.

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