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You must be thinking what mistake have I done to land up in a page like this. Well, you have done nothing wrong. Sometimes such troubles happen due to some technical reasons even after I wish it didn’t happen. This online used bookstore is a baby start-up and it didn’t even start from a garage. This second hand bookstore started from a wooden table from a small room which 4 people shared.

I want to clarify that was not started by these 4 people but it was started by only one. I wanted it to be a profitable venture but the day it went live for the first time it occurred to me that I won’t charge any commission from my users. I still stand on my promise.

This used books store is run by people, by you, by students, by bookworms and by voracious book readers who have already listed thousands of used books/second hand books/old books from more than 200 cities of India. I am so happy by the value that this bookstore provides you. Even if for a minute you believe that you will be able to sell used books through it or buy second hand books online from its used bookstore I have won the first battle.

Believe me I am doing everything to make it better for you such that you get the best experience while using it and your books get lots and lots of engagement when you want your used books to sell. My target is to bring all possible used books in India in the second hand bookstore of such that no student or book effort goes empty handed from here.

In such an effort, mistakes like these are unavoidable and I request your forgiveness for this. I hope that you will pardon me.

Keep visiting regularly!